• Anti-Fingerprint coating machine

Anti-Fingerprint coating machine

Model : DYPE

The anti-fingerprint film is a self-cleaning, hydrophobicphobic/Oleo phobic and anti-staining and scratch-resistant film, which is widely used in panels and mobile phone screens. Early anti-fingerprint adhesion technology is mostly coated with PFOS (perfluorozinc sulfonic acid) and PFOA (perfluorozinc acid), which can be applied to textiles, carpets, shoe materials, etc., but due to the harmful nature of halogen-containing materials, Therefore, international organizations have established relevant halogen-free regulations to limit their use. Afterwards, various large factories have developed environmentally-friendly spraying materials, but the process technology still uses baking or infiltration of the chemicals before baking or UV curing. The coating process has large consumption and complicated steps.

Dahyoung Vacuum adopts vacuum coating process, which can effectively save the use of chemicals and does not need baking or UV curing after coating. After coating, the finished product can withstand 8000 times of velvet abrasion, the hardness of glass substrate after coating is more than 7H, and the dynamic friction coefficient  ≤0.03.

 Applicable substrate

 Plastic, resin, glass

 Coating Technology

 Resistive evaporation

 Coating material

 environmentally friendly materials



 Film steel wool wear resistance

 >8000 times

 Dynamic friction coefficient of film


 Hardness after processing

 According to the material (glass material>7H)

 Environmental pollution


 Chamber material


 Operating system

 IPC+PLC automatic, manual control.

 Pumping rate

 A clean, dry and material-free chamber at atmospheric temperature and pressure,  pumped from the atmosphere to 3 x 10-4   Torr for 5 minutes.

 Cavity diameter


 Cavity height


 Number of rotation axes


 Effective coating diameter

 ~ 560/460mm

 Effective coating height

 ~ 1500mm

 Number of evaporation sources

 18 ~28 pcs

 Evaporation power supply (kW)


 Process cycle


 Process gas demand

 Ar: purity 99.99%
O2: purity 99.99%
  1. Design PECVD double reaction zone: increase the Monomer dissociation rate and increase the film thickness uniformity, and shorten the process time.
  2. Optimized exhaust system: shorten the length of the pipeline, and match the well-known brand pump to achieve the best exhaust effect.
  3. No valve stem exposed to vacuum: Eliminate the adhesion of contaminants to the surface of the valve stem, reducing the chance of gas leakage.
  4. Complete process parameters and historical records, so that users can access historical data and analysis.
  5. Bilingual interface, image-based operation, easy to use.
  6. Independent safety loop power supply, multiple sets of emergency stop switch settings, improve personnel operation safety.

Anti-fingerprint, scratch-resistant, hydrophobic oleophobic film·····


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